A controlled crystallisation process

Unlike any alternative process, the Secoya crystallisation technology is based on the precise control of spontaneous nucleation through the use of millifluidic tubular reactors upon cooling and different antisolvent addition possibilities. Using such capillaries, any parameter influencing the nucleation is ideally optimized and controlled.

Secoya’s crystallisation technology is unique, enabling crystallisation of molecules in a single process step avoiding difficult work-up when performed with conventional batch systems.

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Key features

  • Flexible: compatible with different crystallisation methods as cooling, anti-solvent and co-flow process
  • Crystal size: from nanometric scale up to 400mm in one single step, with no need of micronisation
  • Low polydispersity due to the highly controlled process in millifluidic tubular reactors
  • Excellent flowability of small crystals due to non-charged particles
  • Potentially suitable for any molecule

Industrial scale

  • Scale-out is achieved by numbering-up of identical reactors, called modules. Depending on product solubility, a unit containing 10 parallelised modules has to potency to reach an annual capacity of 10-15T with an equipment volume as small as 1,5M³
  • Adapted for decentralized production through easy and consistent duplication
  • Compatible for integration into a continuous manufacturing process
  • Capex and operational costs strongly reduced as compared to conventional batch process

Potential applications

  • Crystallisation of molecules without any intensive post-process treatments and particle engineering
  • Crystallisation of API for respiratory drugs, requiring low and well controlled crystal size in one step
  • Production of API with low solubilities
  • Nanometric sized organic and inorganic particles for all applications