Hydrodynamics matters to control the crystallization of API

Dr. Bart Rimez, co-founder and Crystallization Technology Lead, was invited to publish in the Emerging Scientists issue of Journal of Flow Chemistry, coming out beginning 2020. The paper deals with our findings on the synergistic effect of nucleation thermodynamics and hydrodynamics to increase nucleation rate. Read more

Secoya at Flow Chemistry Europe 2020

Dr Rimez, co-founder and Crystallisation Technology Lead, was present at the forthcoming conference, Flow Chemistry Europe 2020, 3-4 March 2020, Cambridge (UK). Dr Rimez gave a lecture on the development of capillary crystallisation reactors.

Intensification for sustainability

Would it be possible to valorise a waste stream… by purifying another ? Dr. Jean Septavaux, co-founder of Secoya Technologies, co-authored a paper in Nature Chemistry describing a methodology for the convergent purification of electronic and gas waste streams.  By using the unique properties of polyamines solutions upon capture of CO2 from car exhaust fumes, the authors manage to separate with a high selectivity the valuables metals contained in a dissolved car battery electrode.

 Read the article

Worldwide distribution of the droplet generator RayDrop by Fluigent

On 28Th January 2020, Fluigent and Secoya Technologies signed an exclusive distribution agreement under which Fluigent is responsible for the marketing and the sales of the RayDrop®, an innovative technology of Secoya dedicated to the production of droplets or particles for multiple applications. More information on the RayDrop on

Secoya at CPHi Milano 13-15 October 2020

Secoya Technologies will be present at the next CHPi Milano, 13-15 October 2020. If you want to know more about our technologies or to discuss potential collaborations, we will be pleased to have a meeting organized in Milano.