Jean-Charles Snoy

November 8, 2019 5:24 pm

Jean-Charles loves creating great corporate strategies with entrepreneurs. He strongly believes in the importance of the human factor for any successful venture. This leads him to build a long-lasting and trustful relationship with entrepreneurs along the path of their equity journeys. Jean-Charles is also passionate about stock market mechanisms and how they contribute to value creation for small and mid caps in the real economy. Having spent more than 8 years at Euronext Stock Exchange in various positions, he gained a wealth of experience in managing IPOs and advising listed companies on how to optimize the benefits of their flotation. Jean-Charles possesses a rare combination of expertise in financial law, finance and strategy, which he loves to share with entrepreneurs for an efficient IPO process. He holds a degree in Law (UCL, Belgium) and an MBA (Solvay Business School, Belgium).