Benoit Scheid

Is a professor at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, where he got his PhD in
2004 on theoretical modelling of hydrodynamic instabilities. In 2005, he was awarded
the Ilya Prigogine Prize for his PhD dissertation on dissipative wave patterns. In 2007, he

got a postdoctoral research position at Harvard University, where he performed
research on glass processing in collaboration with Saint-Gobain. He landed an academic
position in 2011 at ULB from the National Foundation for Scientific Research (FNRS). His
research aims at improving the current expertise in interfacial dynamics and surface
rheology, and to make it unique in answering scientific and technological questions
applying to material processing and microfluidics, with potential impact in material,
pharmaceutical, chemical, biological and medical sciences.

Adrien Dewandre

After a MSc. in physics at the University of Namur, Adrien worked as a teaching assistant at the engineering faculty of the Université libre de Bruxelles. Leaving this position, he worked as project manager at Mecasoft, a company specialized in precision machining, for the development of the micro-machining division on medical, aerospace and microfluidics applications, among others. He joined the Carmapharm project in 2014 to work on the development of microfluidics in the team of Prof. B. Scheid.

Bart Rimez

After completing his PhD at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel at the faculty of engineering on newly developed flame retardants, Bart worked for Benelux-Scientific, a vendor of analytical equipment for material characterization. Leaving this position, he led the “Flanders Microreactor and Microfluidics Consortium” or FMMC, where he was in contact with a vast network of technology innovators. He joined the Legomedic project in 2013 to work on continuous crystallization in the team of Prof. B. Scheid.

Jean Septavaux

After a MSc. in chemical engineering from the Ecole Centrale Marseille and another in organic chemistry from the Aix-Marseille university, Jean obtained his PhD in chemical sciences developing continuous flow chemical routes for active pharmaceutical ingredients with UCB as part of the Legomedic project. He worked as a post-doctoral researcher on convergent CO2-metal capturing processes in continuous flow under the supervision of Prof. J.Leclaire and Dr. Claude de Bellefon. He then joined the team of Prof. B. Scheid in 2018 to participate in the Legomedic project.

Jean-Charles Snoy

Jean-Charles loves creating great corporate strategies with entrepreneurs. He strongly believes in the importance of the human factor for any successful venture. This leads him to build a long-lasting and trustful relationship with entrepreneurs along the path of their equity journeys. Jean-Charles is also passionate about stock market mechanisms and how they contribute to value creation for small and mid caps in the real economy. Having spent more than 8 years at Euronext Stock Exchange in various positions, he gained a wealth of experience in managing IPOs and advising listed companies on how to optimize the benefits of their flotation. Jean-Charles possesses a rare combination of expertise in financial law, finance and strategy, which he loves to share with entrepreneurs for an efficient IPO process. He holds a degree in Law (UCL, Belgium) and an MBA (Solvay Business School, Belgium).

Alex Vandekerckhove

Alex is a natural entrepreneur, born into a long-standing
tradition of innovation and success. He started his own profitable venture during his
university years. His passion for business creation and excellence led him to invest in
several companies and develop them. Alex has a gift for working with and supporting
entrepreneurs, enabling them to achieve their goals and to build successful businesses.
Following his law studies at KU Leuven, he went on to complete an MBA at the Vlerick
School in Belgium, where he honed his skills through his interactions with visiting
entrepreneurs and business leaders. He is fluent in English, French and Dutch and
speaks German.

Diala Youssevitch

Obtained a Msc. in biotechnicals engineering at Sup’Biotech in France. After working 5  years as at , she joined the Secoya team in 2023. Diala is fluent in English, French and Arabic.