The future of your pharmaceutical manufacturing

Secoya helps companies to develop manufacturing processes for new drugs and to produce existing products more efficiently.
Compared to traditional methods, SECOYA’s technologies guarantee a quicker development process, an accelerated commercial launch,
superior quality (in terms of batch-to-batch variability and content uniformity) and higher supply chain flexibility.

Flexible production and optimal control

The individual steps offered by SECOYA are part of an overall optimised and intensified process.
This innovative method enables on-demand manufacturing, from very small to very large-scale productions,
which provides significant advantages in terms of guaranteeing quality, saving time and mastering costs.




A design integrating the advantages of microfluidics

Leveraging the properties of microfluidics, both in terms of transfers and control, the technologies developed by SECOYA
enable manufacturers to obtain products exhibiting fully controlled and unparalleled quality.

Contrary to traditional processes and other continuous systems, the judicious use of microstructured elements enables the absolute control
of the conditions of reactions and combinations without sacrificing on productivity. The product obtained is of consistent quality,
unique in the low dispersiveness of properties, thus reducing variations between batches.

Quality by design

We design robust and tailored processes based on cutting-edge technologies that enable high and consistent quality.

Saving time

By reducing intermediary storage and the risk of interruptions in the manufacturing process, the technologies developed by SECOYA enable you to save precious time. Scale-up is achieved through parallelisation, thus eliminating the need to revisit manufacturing processes in the event of scale increases.


With an agile manufacturing method, it becomes possible to easily adjust production volumes according to demand.


Thanks the integration of quality monitoring in the process, continuous production guarantees optimal stability.


Reduced footprint

The continuous manufacturing process also allows reduced energy consumption during production.


Waste reduction

The optimal use of resources enables a significant decrease in volumes of waste and raw material losses.


To us, intensification goes beyond increasing yield and reducing the environmental footprint of processes. It also implies having full control over daily desired production rates and being able to adapt them easily, which has a major impact on the cost of goods. Thanks to our smart scale-up principle for all our devices, individual output control per single, highly intensified reactor remains possible, to match even the smallest fluctuations in demand. This results in the best possible application of the principles of green chemistry, which is inherent to all our designs.


All our devices are fully integrated into a specific and complete process design that englobes all necessary instrumentation for in-line follow-up and control, steered pumping systems, cooling and heating elements and other features. State-of-the-art software guarantees true and full continuous operation with live measurement of all necessary parameters and direct control of all required conditions so that the process will be maintained inside the desired operational frame to obtain steady-state output of the best possible quality.


We design robust and tailored processes based on cutting-edge technologies that enable high and consistent quality: the real-time monitoring and steering of all necessary process parameters maintains the process in its predefined operational window. This drastically reduces the batch-to-batch variability, while at the same time refining product dispersibility, whether it is particle size distribution, attained yield, purity of the end product, etc. As we design the end solution together with our clients, this operational zone is calibrated as a function of actual process variables, which is one of the major benefits of using microfluidic principles in the smart scale-up of our various reactors.