Empowering a faster time-to-market for your novel medicine

At Secoya Technologies our technology experts develop innovative production technologies and equipment by a smart use of micro-structured elements, enabling a faster, precise and secure development and production process.

Our ranges of robust intensified reactors guarantee a stable and reliable production processes – at any scale – of high quality (bio-)pharmaceutical products. Our core principle is applied to following technologies and in-house expertise service:

Our solutions make a difference

The integration of our unique technologies in our equipment, combined with our unique know-how, allow us to guide you with mastering every aspect of the manufacturing process, from laboratory scale to commercial production scale. Whether it is the development of new products or the improvement of existing products, Secoya’s technologies provide many key benefits

  • Unmatched product quality and secure production
  • Implementation of Quality-by-Design
  • Reduction of investment cost and risk for the process development
  • Reduction of cost of goods sold
  • Inherent compatibility with continuous manufacturing
  • Manufacturing of new possible molecules

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